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How to Stop Drinking Without "12-steps"

If you're looking for a free and private alternative to AA-based treatment centers, you've come to the right place. The following information has been online and helping people overcome their substance abuse problems for more than 19 years.
This short course offers the exact same benefit that expensive "12-step" treatment centers offer. (You will learn how to stop drinking and / or doing drugs.) The big difference is, it's FREE and  the method you'll learn can actually solve your problem...that's much better than learning and applying a method that only treats your problem the rest of your life. (Solving your problem will save you a fortune in time, money and energy over the years.)
Using these methods, I literally destroyed my desire to drink alcohol, snort coke, smoke pot, or engage in any of the other self-destructive behaviors that were at one time an entrenched part of my identity. As a result, I haven't had to fight an urge in over two decades. You too can learn how to stop drinking and doing drugs without struggling. This approach works. It's up to you to read it, apply it, and benefit from it.

The HTML version of this website is FREE. However, if you purchase the Kindle or PDF version, you'll also receive The 1-Hour Guide to Successful Thinking (transcript, audio, and workbook) at no additional charge.

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Wishing you the best,

Joe Plummer

PS: The text on this site was last updated in 2008. As of 3/28/2019, this approach has worked for me for 28 years. I sincerely hope that it works for you too. 


Readers' Feedback

Note: Messages have been shortened  ( -- ) for brevity.


--Joe, just wished to say, your site is excellent. I have been wondering about an AA alternative for some time, my friends and family tried to push me into AA - fair enough, they are trying to help me, but I could not stand the set up of AA or the meetings themselves. Attendance has left me terrified of the "power" of drink, but now I can see it has no power thanks to your views and words. I am very pleased to hear you have stayed sober for over (17) years. I'm only on my first week of sobriety, after innumerable failed attempts, but feel much more confident about what I am dealing with now and intend to keep your words as a constant source of motivation and reference. Once again, many thanks.


--Dear Mr. Plummer, thank you for taking the time, effort and expense to make your message available. --There is never a night when I do not drink. For way too long I have been wondering how I could stop this, slow it down. I think perhaps your story and your insight just provided me with my own little toolbox to get started. Thank you.


-- I'm going to try again to stop drinking, incorporating the mentality you have discussed on your site, and keeping in mind that being sober doesn't mean being condemned to a life of constant struggle. Thanks again for taking the time.


--Just want to say thanks for providing the info and insight. I have been struggling to stop drinking for quite awhile now and after reading your site I really feel good about myself. -thanks for a different view on things.


--I just found your site and "OH MY GOD!" You hit the nail right on the head for me. I tried AA umpteen times and found I didn't fit there. However, I don't fit in the drinking crowd of people who do it "normally" either. What a blessing your information was to me! Thank you for that! I have a whole new view of myself and this "little" problem I've been battling the last 3 years. Bless you.


--I just wanted to say thanks. Your website has really inspired me. My blessings and best wishes to you and your family.


--Hi Joe. I just read you web page, It makes a whole lot of sense, just what I was looking for. --I am starting my new life right now. Thanks a lot for your help.


Readers' Feedback

Note: messages have been shortened  ( -- ) for brevity. 

--I just read the contents of your website and it has given me great hope. I won't take much of your time but I'm starting over again, today...Thanks for your story and insight.

--Everything you've written is wonderful. I can't agree with you more. I'm 22 almost 23 years old and have been in and out of aa since I was 14. As of forty five days ago, I quit drinking, on my own, no aa this time. I'm the happiest I've ever been and feel like a million bucks. -- i just wanted to say thanks for making such an awesome site and giving me hope that there are more of us out there who see that we can control ourselves and we are not powerless over our lives. Thank you.


--I found your webpage about quitting drinking. I have to admit that this has to be one of the greatest and most useful tools I have found on the internet. It really made an impact on me. ...Thank You


--Thank you for the information... My father sent me the link because he knows how I feel about AA. I will have to read the information a few times to really apply it to my life. I've only read it once and I think it will help me to understand that I can take control of my life again. THANK YOU AGAIN.


--Just wanted to say thank you. My husband has done "the AA thing." It has taken a huge toll on his self-esteem. He is now in a hospital (in "relapse") and begged for an alternative approach for help. I believe what you have stated on your web page will be of benefit for my husband. I'm going to print out this info and give it to him. -Eternally grateful...